Devoted to the fine art of artisan baking since 2008, Macfield is on a quest to change the wholesale bakery market in Hong Kong, one crumb at a time, with 2 of its own factories at the size of over 20,000 sq ft. We provide a one-stop wholesale bakery services for local market, constantly delivering not only the freshest and highest-quality, but also the newest bread products to our customers. In order to assure the food quality, food safety, and the traceability of production process from sourcing to all logistic information at all times, we have implemented the SAP management system in 2014.

In 2018, we have introduced advanced automated and heavy-duty machines and invested on our new Product Research and Development (R&D) Department. In cooperation with our professional breadsmiths, we produce and supply OEM products like cookies, mooncakes, pizza bread and sandwiches to top restaurants, hotels and cafes. And continue to roll out new bakery products to serve the daily marketing needs.

1st chain customer
Bakery Automation
Pastry section set-up
Mooncake to be put on stream
Implementation of SAP management System
Pizza production line received ISO 22000 certification
Establishment of the 2nd new factory
Set-up R&D Department


With the hands-on skills and rich experience of our breadsmiths, the automated production technology and machines facilitate the production of higher-quality baking products. The recent introduced manufacturing machines are imported from Japan, Holland and Sweden, which can easily produce baking products to ideal size, shape and quality. We also make use of the automatic encrusting machine from Japan, which can create high-speed production line on more varieties of products such as Lava Custard Mooncake.

Our pizza production line has successfully certified to ISO 22000 quality assurance system in 2017 to ensure that all baked products fulfill strict quality tests and meet the safety standards.

Quality Assurance

The best ingredients make the best food. Japanese Nissin flour and T65 flour from France, both regulated by the French government for quality assurance to be “Grade A guaranteed quality ingredient”. We sweeten our bakery products with chocolate made from superior grade cocoa beans from France and premium cream for extra smoothness.

Our Prospect

The trust of our customers has enabled us to provide excellent service to numerous top restaurants, hotels, cake shops, airlines and catering chain companies. Our continuous efforts have also made us gradually become the industry leader.

For the future development, our R&D team will continue to create more innovative bakery items, and focus on developing the OEM business to provide a more comprehensive and high-quality bakery wholesale service so as to achieve a win-win situation with our customers.