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    Account Application
    NOTE: It is important that this form is completed in full. Insufficient information may result in unnecessary delay in processing your application. All terms and conditions over leaf are deemed to be part(s) of this application and have been read, understood and accepted by you in total at time of your application for credit facilities.
    Particulars of persons authorized to make bookings, pull in and pull out instructions.
    Please provide parking details for delivery
    Please enclose a copy of Business Registration Certification
    NOTE: Please notify us if there are changes or amendments to the above authorized signatories. If written notification is not received, the above signatories will still be valid and the company is still liable or all changes incurred thereafter.

    The undersigned (an authorized signature) hereby, for and on behalf of the applying company as mentioned in this application form (“Your Company”) requests that a customer account be opened with Macfield Limited. In connection with the above particulars, the undersigned authorizes the receipt and exchange of credit information. Your company will be liable for all charges incurred at Macfield Limited, unless otherwise instructed in writing. Your company will be bound by the terms and conditions contained over leaf upon approval of the application for customer account with Macfield Limited and those terms and conditions shall be incorporated to this application by reference forming a legally binding agreement between Macfield Limited and your company.